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[CQ-Contest] SCC manipulators!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] SCC manipulators!
From: s51ta@volja.net (Tadej Mezek, S51TA)
Date: Tue May 7 21:54:24 2002

I am still asking SCC-Slovenia Contest Club ( EUHFC comittee) to explain =
their decision about my score and my further contest entry in EUHFC. =
Till today nothing happened from my previous cq-contest entry. I think =
this just shows that some world very known and popular s5 hams do not =
care about what is right or wrong , just to lead their own, =
"socialistic" and non democratic (as they were tought) way and making =
decisions in the way: who thinks like us is ours who is not is our =
enemy! Some SCC top members are really trying to put as much hams off =
the air as it is possible and with no good  reason! If there is one, =
they would probably public it, but where there is no they have their =
mouth closed!
Maybe some should consider who to enter to the contest hall of fame! =
Maybe the last word should be shame in this case afcourse!

I like ham radio and I am one of the few youth hams in s5 who operate =
and put a lot of effort to ham radio and none of youth hams in s5 is a =
member of the worlds "NO 1 Club " SCC ( As they printed out on their =
T-shirt!)...just think why ???from the year 1999 to 2002 from 200 =
members to less than 70 with family members inclusive!
I just do not like that some make advantage of us by pretence of =
promoting us to the "unknown world" .
But I am one the few who care and do not like to have mouth closed on =
money loundry things and that is the reason of the treatments of SCC as =
the hit back to mee as the ex president of Supervising comitee of =
Slovenia contest club.

Either way the world is growing and standing on youth people, but in SCC =
there are no any, because youth people in s5 are grown in democracy and =
they like to treat fair and without colour fear!

Thanks again to reading this!

73 Ted, S51TA

cu wpx cw


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