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[CQ-Contest] Foot switches

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Foot switches
From: w7why@harborside.com (Tom Osborne)
Date: Wed May 8 02:15:49 2002
Kelly Taylor wrote:

> Has anyone ever experimented with non-footswitch, non-VOX >alternatives? 

I tried a switch in the mike line, but that sucked big time.  I 
have a couple of foot switches here made from sewing machine foot
pedals that work very well.  I also have a one made from a pedal
that used to be on a transcription machine.  It has 2 switches on
pedal.  One for forward and one for reverse.  It works good to
key 2 radios.  Left side keys left radio and right side the right
radio.  Works for me.  73

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