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[CQ-Contest] Jul/Aug Issue for Contesting on a Budget

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Jul/Aug Issue for Contesting on a Budget
From: PaulK5AF@aol.com (PaulK5AF@aol.com)
Date: Tue May 7 23:54:56 2002
Contesting Friends!

Once again, I'm imploring you to provide inputs to "Contesting on a Budget" 
for the July/August issue.

Our topic is "rolling your own".  What things do you find you can build more 
economically (or build better) than you can buy?  I'm interested in 
everything from interfaces, to patch cords, to antennas, tuners, amplifiers, 
accessories, etc.

What is your next big homebrew project?  I know there are a lot of competent 
builders out there, tell me about your present and future projects, even that 
secret switching box that you swore you'd never tell anyone about!

As always, a big QRO thanks for your inputs, you make this column fun to 

Paul, K5AF

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