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[CQ-Contest] seeking source for US County to US city lookup/vice versa

Subject: [CQ-Contest] seeking source for US County to US city lookup/vice versa
From: k_tieff@yahoo.no (Kondra Tieff)
Date: Fri May 10 08:51:06 2002

these are useful www-sites:

http://zipfind.net/   (enter city and state)
http://www.wm7d.net/   (county lookup)

Chris / LA8OM

 --- Chuck K3FT <k3ft@erols.com> skrev: > Need an application OR an
Internet site that will let me enter either
> a US City and get
> the appropriate US County or vice versa. This isn't specifically a
> contest question, but
> I DO use it for contest related work in some of the QSO parties and
> other domestic
> events cuz I hunt counties too.  Plus I know you folks have knowledge
> in all sorts of 
> things, so I'll just tap the vein of boundless information. (OK.. I'm
> sucking up <Grin> 
> but you all DO have lots of smarts!)
> thanks and 73
> Chuck K3FT
> In the spirit of our FQP buddies..
> "Only 15 days till CW WPX contest!" )hi(
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