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[CQ-Contest] US County-city lookup info

Subject: [CQ-Contest] US County-city lookup info
From: k3ft@erols.com (Chuck K3FT)
Date: Fri May 10 09:13:00 2002
The gang (as usual!) came through!

The one I found that met my needs was referred from K1PX (TNX!)


This allows you to enter a County name OR a city name and it will search 
for you.
Additionally, you can get a listing of ALL cities within a county as well 
as other data.
My kind of site. Not a lot of folderol to navigate through. Get in.. do 
the work.
get out. Nice site! Run by National Assoc. Of Counties.

LA8OM advised for zipcode lookups try

http://zipfind.net/   (enter city and state)

Hope that helps others too!

Thanks to all the folks who replied!


Chuck K3FT

13D12H50M till CQ WPX CW!!! (explains why my fingers are twitching!)

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