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[CQ-Contest] Monster antennas

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Monster antennas
From: k1ttt@arrl.net (David Robbins)
Date: Fri May 10 14:14:06 2002
> My gut tells me that a high tower is a handicap on SS and any other
> domestic
> contest.  Long haul DX may be different but is it going to make a
> difference
> in my score in ARRL DX, CQWW, etc.?

yes, it can help.  But you have to think stacks, not just one high
antenna.  A perfect example is my 4 ele 10m at 180'.  It opens 10m to
africa and europe a half hour before the lower antennas, but after that
the stack at 30'/60'/90' fixed at europe is much better most of the
time.  Being able to rotate the bottom ones toward stateside is also a
big help for domestic tests where the 180' high one is only good for
some slightly better ground wave qso's within new england.

David Robbins K1TTT
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