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[CQ-Contest] Monster antennas

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Monster antennas
From: ken.claerbout@equant.com (ken.claerbout@equant.com)
Date: Fri May 10 16:15:28 2002
  Ford - careful.  I understand there is a push by some to create a new
category for people who use monster antennas as opposed to those use
something less.  ;-)

 "Comparing a station with a beam and a dipole is very comparable to a
station with
6 monobanders.  In each case, only one antenna gets used at a time."

   In all seriousness, I would second the comments of K1TTT & K5ZD.  There
is more to their success than just their geographic location.  If you can
afford a couple of towers with monoband yagis, you'll be ahead of the game.
I would also suggest picking up a copy of the ARRL Antenna Book.  There's
some great analysis software and other propagation/antenna data.  You can
look at the data for W0 land and get a good idea of what antennas and
heights are best suited for your location based on the geographical areas
you want to target.  Good luck!

Ken  K4ZW

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