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[CQ-Contest] A Contesters new Rig Choice: down to a vote - yours...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] A Contesters new Rig Choice: down to a vote - yours...
From: ei4hq@qsl.net (Cormac, EI4HQ)
Date: Sat May 11 09:45:11 2002
Please respond directly to me at ei4hq@qsl.net I'll post summary results =
on this mailgroup later.

My new QTH is currently being built - below is the station planned for =
it after much research. The only remaining gap is to decide on a rig...

I'm down to trying to decide between 4 rigs as my new HF transceiver (to =
replace a very well used & loved TS450SAT). I'd classify myself as a =
casual contester from home (I do more serious contesting from the club =
QTH where the rig is likely to see some use also - we currently use =
TS850s, TS950s and FT1000Ds), primarily CW, and run a fairly ok home QTH =

10m, 15m &20m:   A3S
40m: Vertical, dipole and delta loop=20
80m Vertical, dipole & beverage
I computer log and everything is wired to the PC (rig, antenna =
switching, rotator etc.)
I run barefoot though a shack heater is on the shopping list.

My rig choice (having gone through all the options/personal preferences, =
budget etc.etc. etc.) are

a) ICOM IC756proII
b) Yaesu FT1000MP mkV Field
c) ICOM IC7400 (746pro stateside)
d) Yaesu FT920

What's your vote? Please only choose from the above 4... Remember please =
respond directly to ei4hq@qsl.net

Cormac, EI4HQ

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