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[CQ-Contest] Dayton CW Interfaces

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Dayton CW Interfaces
From: jsschuster@snet.net (jsschuster)
Date: Sun May 12 20:56:04 2002
For all you guys who have been wondering if I will be there this year
with CW interfaces, I WILL!    Here are the details:

W1WEF  CW Interfaces are compatible with any of the popular contest
logging programs.  Interfaces are neatly packaged inside the D connector
that plugs into a computer LPT or COM port.  W1WEF Interfaces are used
by winning contesters  and DXers around the world! The following models
are available:

LPT Standard       Plugs into your LPT port. A cable is required to run
from the RCA jack on the Interface to the rig key          .
jack.                                       $23. Plus $3. S&H
(Available also for  9 pin or 25 pin COM port)

PTT       Plugs into your LPT port. One cable is required to connect
from the Interface to your key jack as above, and a
second  cable  connects from an in-line RCA on the interface to your
rig?s PTT connector. PTT control ensures that your amplifier relay is
pulled in before the computer starts sending code,  thus preventing ?hot
switching? the amplifier, and
preventing the first dit from being dropped. (this occurs in some
amplifiers that do not switch fast enough)
                                               $39 plus $3 S&H

PADDLE      Includes same features as PTT and in addition provides an
in-line stereo connector into which you can plug your paddle and
eliminate the need for a separate keyer. TR and NA software support
Paddle input. The paddle can interact directly with the contest program,
a feature not possible with a separate keyer.
                                              $49 plus  $3   S&H

See me in Dayton, or order from W1WEF, Jack Schuster, 408 Thompson St,
Glastonbury, CT 06033
(Interfaces for Com ports and  tube rigs are also  also available?ask
for details) w1wef@arrl.net

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