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[CQ-Contest] Contests News Release

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contests News Release
From: dhenderson@arrl.org (Henderson, Dan N1ND)
Date: Mon May 13 16:00:25 2002
May 13, 2002

> For Further Information Contact:  Dan Henderson, N1ND
> Log Checking Reports For ARRL Contests Available Online
> The ARRL is pleased to announce the availability of Log Checking Reports
> (LCRs) for selected ARRL contests. ARRL members may access the available
> reports at: www.arrl.org/members-only/contests/lcr.html  You must be
> registered in the Members-Only area of the ARRL Web in order to access
> your reports. Additional reports may be accessed, as contest results
> become available. If you were a single operator, your log-in username
> (callsign) must be the same as that which appears on the log that you
> submitted. If you were a guest operator at another station or part of a
> multioperator entry, you may access the LCR for that entry if your
> callsign appears in the Cabrillo header (summary) as an operator for that
> log. ARRL members without Internet access may request the LCR free of
> charge by sending a request and a SASE to the above address.
> Non-ARRL members may obtain a copy of their LCR by sending a request along
> with $3 and a SASE to: LCR Request, ARRL Contest Branch, 225 Main Street,
> Newington CT 06111. You must make a separate request for each event (Phone
> and CW modes of the November Sweepstakes are separate events), and include
> the name and year of the contest, as well as the callsign of the entry for
> each contest. Each report incurs a separate $3 fee. 
> We recognize that it is useful to participants to review the errors found
> in their logs, allowing them to identify areas for improvement in their
> performance. In order to minimize additional manpower and avoid the
> inequities, we have established guidelines regarding how we will address
> queries.
> Simply put, we will not enter into discussions or debates over individual
> QSOs. All electronic log data is checked using custom software. All logs
> are judged by the same criteria. The log-checking software can and does
> perform a good job of impartially adjudicating the logs. Unique QSOs are
> not busted without substantial evidence. Audio tapes, wave files of
> particular QSOs, email confirmations from others, or other types of
> "documentation," while useful for a contester's research and learning, are
> not usually definitive and will not be considered. If a systemic problem
> is found, we will address the issue as appropriate.
> There have been a few rare occurrences where log files were corrupted
> during transmission to the ARRL. If your report reflects an unusually
> large decrease in QSOs that you suspect may have resulted from a log file
> transmission error, we will be happy to investigate. The Cabrillo format
> Start-Of-Log and End-Of-Log statements are the means that we use to verify
> that the log arrived intact. We will deal with these problems as
> necessary.
> LCRs will be available for selected events, commencing with the 2001 ARRL
> November CW Sweepstakes. Please keep in mind that the style and format for
> each report may differ between various contests, as the various contests
> are checked and processed by different software. If you have questions,
> please feel free to contact Dan Henderson at contests@arrl.org or by phone
> at 860-594-0232.
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