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[CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit

Subject: [CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit
From: n0hf@attbi.com (Dan Norman)
Date: Mon May 13 22:24:58 2002
I too have been thinking about my callsign and the "H" in the
suffix being incorrectly copied during contests, a few things
come to mind:

If you know your CW computer keying is not chopping off the 1st dit
of the "H" in your suffix, and that you see a pattern in how others
have copied you incorrectly in the UBN reports, then it's a copy
error on their end. (obviously)
One thing I do is send my call 2x when I'm either CQ'ing or S&P'ing
and listen really carefully for the H when they answer me, if they
send something else, I send my call twice when it's my turn to
send.  There's no excuse, however for busted calls when the copy
is good.

A few other things (less seriously)

Always run 1.5kW during CW contests to be as loud as you can.

Try to win contests so more people know you and will remember
your callsign.

look for your callsign spotted on the DX cluster as busted, you'd
be surprised how many log an incorrect callsigns based upon
busted spots.

lastly, become OK with your callsign.  It's a nice one.

'73 Dan N0HF
Boulder, CO

on 5/13/02 1:02 PM, KØHB at k0hb@earthlink.net wrote:

> Back in the 70's I thought it was real cool to have a call sign with my
> initials
> in the suffix.
> Since then I have been increasingly concerned that I have a horrible call for
> CW
> contests, due to the large number of dits in the suffix.
> Just examined my LCR for last November ARRL SS contest.  I found that 28
> stations busted my callsign in their log, and in _EVERY_ case they dropped one
> or more 'dits', getting calls like K0SB, K0HD, or K0SD.  Since I use CT to key
> my transmitter, the busts can't be attributed to sending errors.
> Moral of the story?  Get a call with a lack of dits in the suffix.
> Unfortunately, all the zero-district calls with suffixes like TT, MM, OO, TO,
> OT, TM, MT, MO are already taken!
> (©¿©)  73, de Hans, K0HB
> SOC # 291
> http://www.qsl.net/soc/
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