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[CQ-Contest] AlfaSpid Antenna Rotators

Subject: [CQ-Contest] AlfaSpid Antenna Rotators
From: TOMK5RC@aol.com (TOMK5RC@aol.com)
Date: Tue May 14 11:01:30 2002
Once again I've stirred a hornet's nest.  Lemme state my case and then shut 

First, my objection to the lengthy commercial message hit two nerves. First 
is my sensitivity to spam (unsolicited commercial emails). I counted 34 of 
them as I logged on this morning. If I want to read commercials I will log 
onto eham (which I do frequently) and look over the newest stuff.

Second, the contest reflector (IMHO) is an extension of our on-the-air 
communication forum. Commercials are not acceptable on-the-air, so I PRESUMED 
they were not in good taste on the reflector. I pay for an ad in NCJ to 
advertise my wares and never discuss them on the air or on a reflector.

Finally, I don't know how anyone can take my comments as disrespect to K1KI. 
Tom is an old friend who does yeoman work keeping the reflector as on-point 
as possible.

I guess we don't have a completely shared vision of what this reflector is 
for. I thought it was contesting. Sorry.

Tom, K5RC

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