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[CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit

Subject: [CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit
From: otterstad@enter.vg (Ragnar Otterstad)
Date: Tue May 14 17:57:34 2002
Just examined my LCR for last November ARRL SS contest.  I found that 28
> stations busted my callsign in their log, and in _EVERY_ case they dropped
> or more 'dits', getting calls like K0SB, K0HD, or K0SD.  Since I use CT to
> my transmitter, the busts can't be attributed to sending errors.
> Moral of the story?  Get a call with a lack of dits in the suffix.

Too late for that !!!


Rag    LA5HE

 also JW5HE OZ8RO
located in Telemark - home of skiing.

My antenna "farm" can be found on HTTP://no.photos.yahoo.com/la5he when you
click on  Radio.

Take a look at: http://WWW.visitTelemark.com

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>From Tom Wagner" <tom@n1mm.com  Tue May 14 16:01:28 2002
From: Tom Wagner" <tom@n1mm.com (Tom Wagner)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit
References: <B905DFAA.1BE%n0hf@attbi.com>
Message-ID: <001f01c1fb58$3b536720$0300a8c0@snet.net>

Dahs good, dits bad.


Tom Wagner - N1MM 

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>From Rich K2WR" <k2wr@njdxa.org  Tue May 14 16:14:33 2002
From: Rich K2WR" <k2wr@njdxa.org (Rich K2WR)
Subject: Fw: [CQ-Contest] AlfaSpid  Antenna Rotators
Message-ID: <002c01c1fb5a$0de93420$0200a8c0@5j08601>

I disagree with K3LR.  There are already too many ways to bombard us
involuntarily with commercial advertisements.  The AlfaSpid Rotator people
should apologize to the reflector users, make a donation to the reflector
operators, and leave some flyers in the Miami Room (with FRC/NCC's
permission) if they want to generate traffic in Dayton.


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