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[CQ-Contest] Dayton Contest Dinner

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Dayton Contest Dinner
From: Carsten.Esch@APPELLO.DE (Carsten Esch)
Date: Tue May 14 18:29:27 2002
... ok, now that we (DL8OBQ and me) bought our flight tickets today, got a
bed at the Double-Tree (thanks N5QQ!) we are trying what is told to be even
more difficult: Are there still two tickets for us out there for the Dayton
Contest Dinner?


Carsten, DL6LAU - J75T, OJ0AU, FM/DL6LAU, FG/DL6LAU, J3/DL6LAU, V26AU,
             OP @ CN8WW, W3LPL, W0AIH, J3A, T70A, V26B, 3V8SM 

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