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[CQ-Contest] AlfaSpid Antenna Rotators

Subject: [CQ-Contest] AlfaSpid Antenna Rotators
From: n5nj@gte.net (Bob Naumann - N5NJ)
Date: Tue May 14 12:05:47 2002
I think that we're all over-sensitive to this issue.

It's certainly nothing that we should be taking sides on, nor should there
need be this many messages discussing it, and I apologize for prolonging the

Nonetheless, I think a single product announcement message is certainly
appropriate here.  There is no FCC restriction on commercial messages here
like there is for on the air communication.

In my opinion, as long as this does not become a habit, an occasional
announcement of a new product that is of interest to this audience is OK.  A
brief message with a link to the full announcement elsewhere would be better
as the reader would be able to choose to go look if they wanted to.

For you vendors, as K5RC mentioned, eHam.net is a suitable venue for such
Press Releases.


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> I disagree with K3LR.  There are already too many ways to bombard us
> involuntarily with commercial advertisements.  The AlfaSpid Rotator people
> should apologize to the reflector users, make a donation to the reflector
> operators, and leave some flyers in the Miami Room (with FRC/NCC's
> permission) if they want to generate traffic in Dayton.
> Rich
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