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[CQ-Contest] AlfaSpid Antenna Rotators

Subject: [CQ-Contest] AlfaSpid Antenna Rotators
From: eu1sa@belsonet.net (Vladimir V. Sidorov)
Date: Tue May 14 19:35:25 2002
> >  I see no harm at all in what VE6JY posted. I am glad to have the
> information.
> >
>     I've been a member of this reflector ever since I got my 386 computer.
> am also the founder and administrator of the TowerTalk reflector.
>     I ENCOURAGE participation by manufacturers and dealers on TT because
> about 80% of the discussions on these two great resources have to do with

Why not to set up another list called something like CONTESTING-AD. Then
people might VOLUNTEER to subscribe to this list.

Thanks for reading,

"Walt", EU1SA

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