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[CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit

Subject: [CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit
From: k0hb@earthlink.net (KØHB)
Date: Wed May 15 01:36:39 2002
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From: "Dennis O'Connor"

> Since he is using computer keying, why not simply slow the speed slightly
> for the H, with an extra dit length, pause before and after the H...

28 folks out of over a thousand screwed up the  either the "H" or the "B" (or
both).  Sorry, but playing games with timing would likely cause a LOT more

> He, obviously, should listen critically to what he is actually sending in
> case he is getting leading dit chopping...

I set my delay so that there is no drop out during sending the exchange -- there
is no leading (or trailing) dit chopping.

Dits are simply bad news when you have seven dits and one dah.  They get lost in
the noise.  Goofy timing tricks would likely be more of a challenge to copy.

73, de Hans, K0HB

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