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[CQ-Contest] Re: [Towertalk] More on Lightning protection

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: [Towertalk] More on Lightning protection
From: swca@swbell.net (Mark Beckwith)
Date: Tue May 14 23:47:38 2002
>these dissipaters are
>supposed to bleed off charges that a tower can have, making it a less
>target for lightning.  They also provide an "umbrella" of sorts for things
>within some radius from the tower.  Seems logical.  Anyone with any

Purely anecdotal, and maybe someone closer to the sitation can remind me of
how the story really goes:

I heard a story about some ops watching a thunderstorm approaching the old
W7RM on the bluff.  I guess it was a really spectacular storm.  As it blew
over W7RM, the storm quit kablamming, and after it passed W7RM the
kablamming resumed.  The conclusion was that all the metal in the air at
W7RM dissipated all the charge in the immediate vicinity.

Someone stop me if this is nothing more than an urban legend.

Mark, N5OT

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