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[CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit

Subject: [CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit
From: kn5h@earthlink.net (KN5H)
Date: Tue May 14 21:58:34 2002
Hey Hans:
Did you lose those 28 QSOs or did they?
How does the ARRL penalize for that, I honestly dont know.
How can you be held responsible for others inability to copy CW?
You shouldnt lose any points. Am I correct?
de KN5H

Back in the 70's I thought it was real cool to have a call sign with my =
in the suffix.

Since then I have been increasingly concerned that I have a horrible =
call for CW
contests, due to the large number of dits in the suffix.

Just examined my LCR for last November ARRL SS contest.  I found that 28
stations busted my callsign in their log, and in _EVERY_ case they =
dropped one
or more 'dits', getting calls like K0SB, K0HD, or K0SD.  Since I use CT =
to key
my transmitter, the busts can't be attributed to sending errors.

Moral of the story?  Get a call with a lack of dits in the suffix.
Unfortunately, all the zero-district calls with suffixes like TT, MM, =
OT, TM, MT, MO are already taken!

(=A9=BF=A9)  73, de Hans, K0HB
SOC # 291

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