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Subject: [CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit
From: n2mg@eham.net (Mike Gilmer)
Date: Wed May 15 12:57:13 2002
The following message was sent by "KN5H" <kn5h@earthlink.net> on Tue, 14 May 
2002 20:58:34 -0700.

> How can you be held responsible for others inability to copy CW?
> You shouldnt lose any points. Am I correct?
> de KN5H

This information (on how the "other guy" busts your QSO is provided to 
you really as a "service".  It's good to see how other guys break your 

To answer your question, generally one does NOT lose QSO points or get 
otherwise penalized for others' mistakes.  However, in some cases - say 
the other guy busts more than one character - some log-checking 
software, at least currently, will not find a match.  So if I work 
WA1AAA and WA1AAA logs me as N3MG (1 error), then I will get the QSO 
and WA1AAA will lose it.  But, if WA1AAA logs me as N3NG (2 errors) I 
quite possibly get a NIL and lose the QSO.  And it's quite possible 
that WA1AAA will not get dinged at all as long as the call he entered 
(in this example, N3NG) is considered a valid one.  So it does pay to 
be sure the other guy "gets it right".

Please note that software changes all the time and I suspect (hope) 
that this log-checking software "loophole" will get fixed sooner or 
later.  Also contests have their own software and 
different "penalties":  CQWW one loses busted QSOs plus a 3X penalty, 
ARRLDX I think you just lose the busted QSO.

Mike N2MG

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