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[CQ-Contest] Dayton INFO

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Dayton INFO
From: hflasher@dayton.net (Harry or Marge Flasher)
Date: Wed May 15 12:13:26 2002
To contesting friends coming to Dayton - especially those driving or
will have an auto in Dayton.

Forecast is for rain on Thursday and Friday.  This past weekend we had
an extreme amount of rain the ground is very saturated.  I still have
water standing the back yard.  I would suggest avoiding any grass
parking area around the Hamvention site.  For several dollars you can
park at the Salem Mall, just west a bit from the Hamvention site and
ride a shuttle bus.

For anyone staying East of I75 near the Dayton Mall (south of Dayton),
you can expect some traffic delays especially around rush hour.  A
bridge that was used by locals to cross I75 just South of State Route
725 was taken down a few days ago.  This has put a lot of extra pressure
on SR 725 (and 741).  There could be 4 or more cycles of the traffic
lights at 725/741 and they are long.  Plan extra time.  An alternate for
those going to or from East of the Dayton Mall is to use I675 to get
from/to I75.

73  Harry  AC8G  ex W8KKF
J37K and others

>From Ward Silver" <cte98244@centurytel.net  Wed May 15 15:48:49 2002
From: Ward Silver" <cte98244@centurytel.net (Ward Silver)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: [Towertalk] More on Lightning protection
References: <001c01c1fbb7$2f663960$6401a8c0@don> 
Message-ID: <002f01c1fc1f$9fff9f00$f1375b40@mirage>

> I heard a story about some ops watching a thunderstorm approaching the old
> W7RM on the bluff.  I guess it was a really spectacular storm.  As it blew
> over W7RM, the storm quit kablamming, and after it passed W7RM the
> kablamming resumed.  The conclusion was that all the metal in the air at
> W7RM dissipated all the charge in the immediate vicinity.
> Someone stop me if this is nothing more than an urban legend.
> Mark, N5OT

Not a legend at all, but the wrong cause.  The Rushmeister just stood out
there, arms folded, glowering at the storm without saying a word.  It didn't
DARE strike his towers.

73, Ward N0AX
Rush Drake Orchestra, Operator 2nd Chair

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