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[CQ-Contest] Re dit dit dit dit

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re dit dit dit dit
From: ei4hq@qsl.net (Cormac, EI4HQ)
Date: Tue May 14 20:05:24 2002
I'd refer you to the manual for Super Duper by EI5DI. SD allows you =
modify the keying characteristics to the extent that you can effectively =
emphasise certain parts of your call. I'm sure other programs (including =
CT 'tho I can't remember offhand), that use serial/parallel keying, also =
enable you do this.

For ages (I'm licenced 12+ years) my call has been regularly busted and =
copied as EI4SQ instead of the correct EI4HQ. A HUGE reduction in =
erreonous copies occurred when I introduced a somewhat longer delay =
after the last dit i.e. before commencing the Q

E as normal
I as normal 4 as normal
H <added delay>
Q as normal

This added delay need only be small and it seems to give the brain just =
that fraction longer to answer the question "...was that an S, a H or a =
5?" Obviously the results are empirical but it certainly seems to have =
helped significantly reduce busted copies for me.

As an aside I occasionally get a misfortunate op. on the other side of a =
QSO who gets totally in knots with my call. It seems to be one of those =
thats honky dory as long as you don't stop and start thinking about it =

I wonder if theres any research into this phenomenon - are some =
character combinations genuinely easier than others?

Gud hunting

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