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[CQ-Contest] Was W7RM immune from the 'Big Spark Gap?'

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Was W7RM immune from the 'Big Spark Gap?'
From: discreetly_confidential@yahoo.com (Chuck)
Date: Wed May 15 15:24:17 2002
Perhaps it was simply a case that his intense
amount of RF being radiated over a period of time
simply introduced so many ionized particles into
the ether that it effectively cancelled out
whatever charge difference may have been in the
area between the ground and the clouds.
Therefore.. his area was neutral and no need for
a spark gap discharge (lightning) to occur.

Or else.. he radiated so much RF that the area
around his QTH was rendered charge neutral which
made it a very effective insulator which the
charge value of the lightning could not jump.
Ergo - no ability to discharge so he's safe.

(Tongue firmly implanted into right cheek!)


Chuck K3FT

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