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[CQ-Contest] you gotta have rhythm

Subject: [CQ-Contest] you gotta have rhythm
From: k4oj@tampabay.rr.com (Jim White)
Date: Thu May 16 01:41:46 2002
yes, E I S H all bite on CW as far as potential for copying errors - =
just got done looking at my SS log analysis on the ARRL web site, had =
made some of tham errors myself - hats off to the ARRL for following =
through on this stuff - it is very good - yes, there are still accuracy =
issues but details is enhanced!

Overcoming this is the secret....it was easier in the time of the bug =
when there was more fist in signing ones call....with K1EA, K8CC or N6TR =
signing a lot of our calls they all kinda sound the same!  There are =
some slight alterations of sending methodology allowed in the computer =
software programs out there...including pauses and or speed =
changes...purists say this is heracy - good code is good code and should =
not be bastardized by speed ups or slow downs, etc....I wholeheartedly =
disagree!  Guys who had unique fists before computers were recognized - =
of course some of it was negative like K3JH who got tired of having his =
call copied wrong and sent K3J5.

Go back not long ago - my favorite CW calls included N4AR's old call of =
K4GSU....he would send it with a pause after the four and then run the =
rest together

I never had a problem copying that....he timed the length of that pause =
just right to allow the brain to reset for copy of the balance...

Guys with longer calls also have traditionally been able to send them =
faster because it seems our minds process them ok without question...as =
in G3FXB, F X B all being 4 part letters.

At high speeds since the mind tends to lag - unless you're a mutrant =
like K1TO, et al....dots are easier to screw up - face it we get =
confused. =20

When it came time to upgrade our club call - I selected K4NNN rather =
than a 1X2 because the available one by twos coming up were ALL E I S H =
ridden...the only copying problems with that callsign tend to be =
sometimes guys think it is K4NN since some is clicking along QRQ and I =
guess they think they must be a one by two!

Note also that a call can be TOO short - leaving the listener waiting =
for the rest....like E or EE suffixes...you are thinking - there has to =
be more to that call!

We have hashed over the pros and cons of dots dashses and how to pick a =
vanity call many times on this reflector...I recommend anyone actually =
program their computer with a given call before opting to select it - =
kind of like trial and error....it may seem wierd visually but what =
counts is how it sounds....and anymore that means as sent by your =
software!  Run it in a simulator program...try it - HOW DOES IT SOUND!

Sorry for the long post - will be missing Dayton this year and have to =
unload some hammy talk without the usual fix!


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