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[CQ-Contest] RIG CHOICE: Poll Results...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RIG CHOICE: Poll Results...
From: ei4hq@qsl.net (Cormac, EI4HQ)
Date: Thu May 16 18:02:57 2002
With thanks to all contributors...EI4HQ


Total poll: 37
Spoiled votes (no clear choice identified): 4


Yaesu FT1000MP Mk V  16
Icom IC756PROII      12
Yaesu FT920          2
Icom IC7400 (746PRO) 3

Some observations based on contributors comments:

FT1000MP Mk V
Seems favoured by die-hard contestors.

Many of those who haven't bought/used/voted for the FT1000MP Mk V stated
that they would love to but the track record of reliability problems with
the rig and Yaesus less that shining quality of service put them off. Take
note Yaesu! It appears there were 2 batches of bad FT1000MPs made it to the
dealers. I would certainly agree with one contributors comment that when you
pay that much for a rig you have an inalienable right to expect that it will
work out of the box and continue to work.

Seems favoured more by people with a penchant for serious DX-pedition work.
No reliability problems noted.

A consistent well priced reliable performer. Some noted that its a bit of a
"supposedly great by association" rig - it appears to be much more than it
is (specifically that second VFO type knob don't mean there's a second
receiver like its big brothers (the 1000MP et al), and the DSP is at audio

ICOM 7400 (746 PRO)
A competent, very competively priced, shack in a box. Lack of variable level
attenuation is a significant drawback for contest action though. Some
comments about the quality of parts and finish but nobody could fault


A Yaesu FT1000D! Yep believe it or not I've decided not to buy any of the
rigs on my shortlist. I had the opportunity to spend some time with a fully
kitted out 1000D last weekend and really liked it - really...  OK they may
be the wrong side of 10 years old but as one hugely experienced contester
said to me last night - it does EVERYTHING a contestor needs and does it
RIGHT - from ergonomics to reliability. You have to admit there ain't much
around as solidly built :o) Price on the used market is now getting quite
good as well.

Thanks for the contributions - hope the above is of interest to others.

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