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Fw: [CQ-Contest] you gotta have rhythm

Subject: Fw: [CQ-Contest] you gotta have rhythm
From: k7qq@netzero.net (Rex Maner)
Date: Sat May 18 05:01:17 2002
QQ has rythm however some insist that  K7 is  K6 N6 N7 thats where most of
the CW errors were by the other guys,  one had K7OQ   the biggest error they
make is in the ck  62 becomes 63   .
My biggest problem is in changing calls around.  At the key board on PH or
CW  eg  k4OJ   becomes k4JO
w5MYA  becomes w5 MAY.

Fat fingures or Fat Head ???
Have fun at Dayton

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] you gotta have rhythm

yes, E I S H all bite on CW as far as potential for copying errors - just
got done looking at my SS log analysis on the ARRL web site, had made some
of tham errors myself - hats off to the ARRL for following through on this
stuff - it is very good - yes, there are still accuracy issues but details
is enhanced!

Overcoming this is the secret....it was easier in the time of the bug when
there was more fist in signing ones call....with K1EA, K8CC or N6TR signing
a lot of our calls they all kinda sound the same!  There are some slight
alterations of sending methodology allowed in the computer software programs
out there...including pauses and or speed changes...purists say this is
heracy - good code is good code and should not be bastardized by speed ups
or slow downs, etc....I wholeheartedly disagree!  Guys who had unique fists
before computers were recognized - of course some of it was negative like
K3JH who got tired of having his call copied wrong and sent K3J5.

Go back not long ago - my favorite CW calls included N4AR's old call of
K4GSU....he would send it with a pause after the four and then run the rest


I never had a problem copying that....he timed the length of that pause just
right to allow the brain to reset for copy of the balance...

Guys with longer calls also have traditionally been able to send them faster
because it seems our minds process them ok without question...as in G3FXB, F
X B all being 4 part letters.

At high speeds since the mind tends to lag - unless you're a mutrant like
K1TO, et al....dots are easier to screw up - face it we get confused.

When it came time to upgrade our club call - I selected K4NNN rather than a
1X2 because the available one by twos coming up were ALL E I S H
ridden...the only copying problems with that callsign tend to be sometimes
guys think it is K4NN since some is clicking along QRQ and I guess they
think they must be a one by two!

Note also that a call can be TOO short - leaving the listener waiting for
the rest....like E or EE suffixes...you are thinking - there has to be more
to that call!

We have hashed over the pros and cons of dots dashses and how to pick a
vanity call many times on this reflector...I recommend anyone actually
program their computer with a given call before opting to select it - kind
of like trial and error....it may seem wierd visually but what counts is how
it sounds....and anymore that means as sent by your software!  Run it in a
simulator program...try it - HOW DOES IT SOUND!

Sorry for the long post - will be missing Dayton this year and have to
unload some hammy talk without the usual fix!


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