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[CQ-Contest] CW Call Signs ... the SMOOTH & PERFECT ...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] CW Call Signs ... the SMOOTH & PERFECT ...
From: w4au@contesting.com (John Unger)
Date: Fri May 17 11:39:50 2002
In addition to making sure the letters in the the suffix of your callsign at 
least minimize the possibilities of being mis-copied, there is also the "rhythm 
factor" that I believe helps copy calls better on CW. Some calls seem to just 
naturally "swing" and stick in my head better than others.

When I finally considered getting a vanity call after 40+ years of being W3GOI 
(not only a lot of CW dits and dahs, but a mouth full on fone), I chose ones 
that seemed to flow best in CW as well as not be mis-copied in the heat of a 
contest. Also, I got tired of being a "3" in 4-land...

73 - John, W4AU

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