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[CQ-Contest] you gotta have rhythm

Subject: [CQ-Contest] you gotta have rhythm
From: w7why@harborside.com (Tom Osborne)
Date: Sun May 19 03:58:13 2002
Jim White wrote:
> yes, E I S H all bite on CW as far as potential for copying >errors - 

Another problem is my check of "54" in the fone SS.  Fifty four
and sixty four sound a lot alike in QRM.  I finally started
saying "five four-fifty four" to end the confusion and had a lot
less request for repeats.

Some calls are a real bear on fone.  Something like "Whiskey
America Seven India Mexico Juliet."  Thats got 17 syllables,
compared to "Kilo One Mike Mike" with 5.  A good call could save
a lot of talking in a fone contest.  73

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