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[CQ-Contest] Re: So much for the "California Kilowatt"?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: So much for the "California Kilowatt"?
From: w7why@harborside.com (Tom Osborne)
Date: Mon May 20 00:25:35 2002
Dan Robbins wrote:

> Which is better, running a 1500 watt max amp at full bore for 48 >hours in a 
> contest or running a 3000 watt max amp at half power >for 48 hours? 

Kinda reminds me of a CB Fest I went to once.  They had a WHOLE
bunch of linears and CB radios that ran 100-200 watts.  Of
course, there was a big sign stating, "Illegal for use in the
U.S."  I'm sure they paid a lot of attention to that sign.

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