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[CQ-Contest] RSGB Jubilee contest, TRlog and Writelog

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RSGB Jubilee contest, TRlog and Writelog
From: clive@gw3njw.fsworld.co.uk (Clive Whelan)
Date: Mon May 20 20:40:09 2002

Files for TR, and a fully functional module for WL are now 
available from http://www.rsgbhfcc.org.

Select the 2002 contests tab, then from the list, the Jubilee 
contest. The full rules are found there, and towards the bottom 
is a link to software for the contest which also includes 
information for other loggers such as SD,CTJ,N1MM and YPlog. 
>From there just follow your nose!

The TR files were provided as a co-operative venture by various 
users. The WL module was written by Ray/G4FON, with assistance 
from W5XD. Thanks are also due to Tim/G4VXE for posting the 
files as above. Phew, I think that's all the credits! Have fun 
and make sure you work me!


Contest Cambria-http://www.gw7x.org

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