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[CQ-Contest] Headset for contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Headset for contesting
From: jds@twistedoak.com (Jeff Stai)
Date: Mon May 20 15:14:48 2002
At 05:49 AM 5/20/2002, Jurgen Geldhof wrote:
>can anyone advise me which headset is best for contesting ?
>I'm considering the Heil Proset or the Proset +.
>What do you think ?  Is the Proset + worth the extra money ?

well, they sound wonderful, both TX and RX. Electrically fabulous.

After two hours of the WPX SSB contest, however, I had to take them off 
because of the discomfort (ok, pain) they caused my ear lobes - and went 
back to my trusty Pro Micro set with the same HC4 element.

It may be that they didn't fit me because of my overly large head, or 
because my glasses get mashed into the side of my head by large ear pads, or 

Try them on for a while before you buy!

hope this helps! - 73 - jeff wk6i

Jeff Stai       Twisted Oak Winery LLC
Email           jds@twistedoak.com
Amateur Radio   WK6I
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