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[CQ-Contest] Headset for contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Headset for contesting
From: k5zd@charter.net (Randy Thompson, K5ZD)
Date: Mon May 20 23:23:36 2002
I recently replaced my Heil Proset with a Pro-set Plus.  The Plus seems to
sound better on transmit (maybe the Proset was just getting old).  It
definitely seems to be more rugged.

I haven't really noticed that the Phase reverse switch on the Plus does much
for me.  It is fun to play with, but once your ear adjusts to the new phase,
it sounds the same as it did before you switched.  :)

Either way, you can't go wrong.

Randy, K5ZD

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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Headset for contesting
> Hi,
> can anyone advise me which headset is best for contesting ?
> I'm considering the Heil Proset or the Proset +.
> What do you think ?  Is the Proset + worth the extra money ?
> Please let me know.
> 73
> Jo ON5MF
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