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[CQ-Contest] SS LCR

Subject: [CQ-Contest] SS LCR
From: w9wi@w9wi.com (Doug Smith W9WI)
Date: Tue May 21 01:23:43 2002
For no particularly good reason I was messing around on arrl.com this
evening & checked out my LCR report for SS, both modes.  Interesting stuff
in there.

- When other people busted my serial number or check on CW, they *always*
were off in a single digit.  On the other hand, when I busted someone else's
number, sometimes I did something very different.  (typing 462 instead of
248 in one case, and 21 vs. 32 in another)  Weird.

- When others busted my information on SSB, the "bust" was rather different. 
One station got 183 instead of 215; another got my exchange as "U 54 IL" - I
was sending "A 73 TN"!  My busts of others' information on SSB were always
off in a single digit.  

- On phone, I had one NIL - all other errors were single-digit errors in
serial number.  On CW there were two NILs, a unique, a busted call, two bad
checks, one bad section, one bad power, and ten serial number busts.  Not
really a big surprise - the least predictable piece of information was the
one missed the most often.  

- Six people logged me with WI9WI's exchange info.  ("58 WI")  Best I can
tell from the report they actually did work me, but had Jim's information on
file & didn't type in what I sent.  It may be worthy of note that four of
these busts happened on SSB, even though I made only about 20% as many QSOs
on SSB as I did on CW. 

- Except for the four people who entered WI9WI's info, and the one who got
"U 54 IL" from somewhere, nobody else got my section wrong on SSB.  On the
other hand, on CW, three people put me in Wisconsin; five in Indiana.  

- Even more interesting, on CW twelve people got my power as A when I was
actually sending B.  I hope.  Two others busted my power in some other way.


- I type too fast.  That's the only way I can explain the numbers I busted
by more than a single digit.  It probably explains some of the ones busted
by only a single digit too.

- I'm not careful enough to get fills when not certain of a number.  I think
my error rate was reasonable, but it was over twice that of W4PA.  Of
course, one should never really be happy with any figure greater than zero.

- Too many people take what their computer tells them too literally.  You've
got to copy what the guy sends, not what your computer thinks he's going to
send.  Sometimes, people move.  
Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View (Nashville), TN EM66

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