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[CQ-Contest] Headset for contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Headset for contesting
From: tgeorgen@lsil.com (Georgens, Tom)
Date: Mon May 20 23:44:23 2002
I stopped by the Heil booth yesterday as it was being torn down.  I asked
Mr. Heil if he considered using noise reduction headphones.  He became quite
agitated and told me that the Pro Set+ was the best headset ever made and
the phase reversal was better than noise reduction.

I have never tried the new Pro Set but I have contested with Bose noise
reduction headphones.  I would never operate without the noise reduction
models ever again.  The noise was reduced greatly and I could operate with
the AF gain much lower than without them - something I will surely
appreciate 30 years from now.  The only negative was that they were
susceptible to RF and it took a long time to make them usable.

My question to Mr. Heil was based on a legitimate interest in combining the
boom mic with the good headphones.  What I did for phone in the past was to
sacrifice a cheap boom mic from a hands free phone headset.  I bought the
Heil contest element and replaced the one at the end of the boom.  I then
glommed the boom onto the Bose set with tie wraps and tape.  It was not
pretty but it lasted 48 hours with no trouble.

73, Tom W2SC

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Headset for contesting

One thing I just cant fathom is why Heil and/or other headset makers 
havent come out with an active noise-reduction stereo headset with a 
dynamic boom mike!

I find my Noisebuster Extreme headphones indispensable in noisy 
environments, but it's not over the ear, it's very cheaply made, and 
suffers from RFI when in a high RF environment.  However, I often use it, 
with my Proset over the top just for the microphone.

I asked Mr Heil about that a couple of years ago at Dayton and he showed 
no interest whatsoever.

Sure, his mikes are probably the best, but the headphones are crap (OK, 
they are comfortable crap!).  How anyone could be so serious about 
microphone audio and not give a darn about headphone audio and electronics 
is beyond me...

I think it's a small gold mine waiting to be tapped...and I'd pay several 
hundred dollars for the full package.

I think Jay needs a new product line, doesnt he??  ;)


"Bob Naumann - N5NJ" <n5nj@gte.net>
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        To:     "Jurgen Geldhof" <jurgen.geldhof@skynet.be>,
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I have not used the Proset+ on the air, but did look closely at it this
weekend in Dayton.  The Proset+ is quite different from the regular 

One major difference is that it includes both the HC-4 and HC-5 elements
which you can select via a tiny slide switch on the mike boom.

Another difference is that there is a toggle switch that puts one ear 
out of phase.

The last difference is that the headset overall is much larger and, in my
opinion, more comfortable.

With either headset, the new 'stretchy' elastic / cotton covers for the
earpads are excellent and make both more comfortable to my ears.

The cotton covers are priced too high at $6 a pair, but they do make a
distinct improvement in comfort.  I anticipate that it will reduce the
amount of sweating that was normal with only the standard 'leather' pads.

Bob N5NJ

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From: "Jurgen Geldhof" <jurgen.geldhof@skynet.be>
To: <cq-contest@contesting.com>
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2002 7:49 AM
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Headset for contesting

> Hi,
> can anyone advise me which headset is best for contesting ?
> I'm considering the Heil Proset or the Proset +.
> What do you think ?  Is the Proset + worth the extra money ?
> Please let me know.
> 73
> Jo ON5MF
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