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[CQ-Contest] headphones

Subject: [CQ-Contest] headphones
From: jljarvis@adelphia.net (jljarvis)
Date: Tue May 21 13:52:50 2002
N5NJ wrote:

>I once used N2EA's Icom HP-1's at N2RM's several years ago and found that
>their limited frequency response (by design) was very advantageous and
>sounded great.  Unfortunately, Icom didn't make them any longer even back
>then, but the Kenwood's are pretty close and are also designed to have a
>limited frequency response.  I think the Icom's were the best I have ever
>used for CW.

Hey Bob, did I ever get those HP-1's back?   Can't find 'em anywhere!
(regrettably, I seem to have misplaced them when moving up to VT)

I would agree that for contest work, the Heil cans need bandwidth 
limitation.  The good Mr. Heil has been pretty receptive to marketing
ideas...so perhaps he'll contemplate the performance segment of our
market, and see what that brings.  (copied herewith, to stimulate
discussion off-reflector).  

Meanwhile, a question:  Has anyone else gotten tired of wrapping the
6' cord around their desk chair, and decided to shorten the proset

Jim Jarvis/n2ea

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