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[CQ-Contest] eqsl.cc patents?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] eqsl.cc patents?
From: k9yo@yahoo.com (Cedrick Johnson)
Date: Tue May 21 11:18:41 2002
I really don't see how someone can patent a simple 
Web application that accesses a database, retrieves
a JPG image stored on a secondary "storage location"
and puts it on the web.. 

If he wants to sue people for
doing that, then he might as well start hauling 
some of my customers into court, because that
"patentable technology" is being used in some places
to bring up electronic copies of what traders scribble
on order cards.

To quote from his site:
"It is instantaneously available
We use state-of-the-art database technology. This
allows us to implement new features quickly and

state-of-the-art eh? How SOTA can you get with
SQL statements?

"It uses a Patent Pending technology
We have applied for patents on most aspects of the
eQSL.cc system. This means that any competitor's
exchange will be infringing on our patents, and will
likely have to shut down. "

So now this means I can't develop a web-based
application that displays images, because I would
be forced to "shut down" in violation of his 
Pending Patents...

Can we say.... IT'S ONLY A FREAKIN HOBBY?!?!?!?


CW Johnson, CTO
Cavenger Systems

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