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[CQ-Contest] Noise reduction in headsets

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Noise reduction in headsets
From: n7df@zianet.com (Larry N7DF)
Date: Tue May 21 13:30:43 2002
I have also found that the Heil headsets are a little too broadband for =
amateur communications work but I've found a very effective solution.

I route my headphone audio through an AMCOM (1-888-803-5832) ClearSpeech =
Digital speaker. (Model CSS-1)  The results are remarkable.  Often it =
sounds like the band is dead as there is no noise whatsoever unless you =
are receiving a station.  There is a minimum amount of digital ringing =
on strong signals which can be controlled by reducing the receiver gain. =
 I have  frequently found that a station is Q-5 through the CSS-1 and =
simply not there without it.

On the TI9M DXpedition I found that I could cascade the CSS-1 with the =
DSP noise reduction in the ICOM 756 PRO II and have total noise silence =
on 160 meters.  This let me copy stations that were so weak that they =
only hissed in the headphones.  Without the full cascaded system they =
simply weren't there.  It also allowed much better discrimination =
between tones when pulling stations out of pileups.


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