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[CQ-Contest] my cord is too long what do I do?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] my cord is too long what do I do?
From: k4oj@tampabay.rr.com (Jim White)
Date: Tue May 21 20:43:50 2002
N2EA asks:

"Meanwhile, a question:  Has anyone else gotten tired of wrapping the
6' cord around their desk chair, and decided to shorten the proset

I have an extension cord for the phones...it has a right angle plug that
goes into the rig (to avoid knob related collissions)...and a socket at the
other end.

This cord is routed under the rig and behind the operating desk....then
along the underside of the desk and over to the side until it comes up to
about pants pocket height.  This is the location of the socket/receptacl3
for the headphones....

Frequently this means the headphone cord is long than it needs be, as such
recommen you ty-wrap/velcro wrap up the last few feet of the
cord...careful - not TOO short - I sometimes will stand up while operating
to ease the backs sorrow at sitting for so long - or to wake up - it is
really hard to fall asleep standing up (ask any of the late night attendees
at the Hamvention, right - the pros usually are standing while talking -
no?) [have a cardboard box handy to elevate the computer keyboard -
otherwise it can quite a way down when you're stnading!]

I have a little coat hanger-upper next to where the excess headphone cable
goes to accomodate that "loop"...


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