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Subject: [CQ-Contest] dit dit dit dit
From: w9wi@w9wi.com (Doug Smith W9WI)
Date: Wed May 22 12:34:40 2002
> > Seems like error rates could go way down by QRSing just a bit.
> So would my score!  I don't lose any points just because 28 guys (out of a
> Kilo-QSO) can't copy Morse correctly.
> 73, de Hans, K0HB

The problem isn't that 28 guys can't copy Morse correctly - it's that 28
guys can't admit they can't handle Hans' speed.

Unless Hans is ignoring QRS requests.  
(which I don't think is happening)
(however, reports are that *some* ops *do* ignore QRS requests.  Not a good
thing - maybe a good argument *for* docking you a QSO if the other guy busts
your info...  no, I'm not seriously suggesting that...)
> From: Tom Osborne <w7why@harborside.com>

> The biggest problems with these type of headphones (and most
> others) is they are designed for music and stereo use.  The highs
> and lows are WAY beyond what is needed for communication.  I have
> an old set of WW2 earphones from a B-29 bomber.  They are the
> best thing I've ever used except after a while they get kind of
> heavy.  73

Personally I find that kind of phones fatuiging in two ways.

First, because they *are* kind of heavy.  For a short operating session of
an hour or two, not a big deal.  For an entire contest, a problem.  

Second, because of the strange frequency response.  Headphones, like crystal
filters, don't have a square response curve.  They have peaks and valleys. 
I find communications phones to be "tinny" and "unnatural".  I've paid good
money for the IF filters in my rigs; I figure *that's* the right place for

My headset?  $20 at Radio Shack.  Designed for use with computer sound
cards.  Admittedly the *transmit* response is probably not the ultimate for
contesting/DXing.  I do get very good reports when rag-chewing - and if I
had a FT1000MP I'll bet the transmit audio settings could be configured to
be quite competitive.  

(and after the contest, you can plug them into a CD player and enjoy a bit
of the non-CW variety of music :) )
Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View (Nashville), TN EM66

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