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[CQ-Contest] headphones

Subject: [CQ-Contest] headphones
From: jmaass@columbus.rr.com (Jeff Maass)
Date: Wed May 22 14:56:56 2002
Absolutely! It's important to change positions periodically if you are
going to operate for extended sessions!

The airlines are seeing cases where people are dying from
sitting in a restricted position for long periods of time on long
flights, and cases have also been reported for people driving
long distances without getting up periodically.

In CW contests, I like to switch off to a pair of 900 MHz RF
headphones (Sony) that allow me to stand, jog in place,  and
even to run to the bathroom or kitchen during a long CQ. I
switch off between Heil and an old pair of Telex "in the ear"
headphones to keep my ear from being flattened the same way
for too long.

The wireless headphones also allow me to monitor the activity
in a multi-single when I'm not operating, or when I'm getting
ready to take the chair from the current operator.

In phone contests, I use a couple of different pairs of Heil
headsets to provide at least a little variation, and like the
long cable to allow me to stand and stretch once in a while.

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> Quacks
> I also like to be able to stand up when things get slow.  I've actually
> dozed off while the CQ machine is going between contacts.  I don't rember
> doing so when using the paddle.  I do have some Senior moments however.
> Hope to See everyone in WPX
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> > N2EA asked:
> >
> > >Meanwhile, a question:  Has anyone else gotten tired of wrapping the
> > >6' cord around their desk chair, and decided to shorten the proset
> > >cable?
> >
> > I find that after wrapping a enough of the lead around a snap-on ferrite
> > core in order to combat RFI, the lead could easily be another half meter
> > or so than it already is.
> >
> > Or am I the only one who likes to stand from time to time when
> > operating?  ;^)
> >
> > 73, VR2BrettGraham
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