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[CQ-Contest] you gotta have rhythm

Subject: [CQ-Contest] you gotta have rhythm
From: k5iid@ntelos.net (Tom Horton)
Date: Thu May 23 00:29:18 2002
  Yeah, I know what you mean. What I really don't understand is how
people confuse my name the way they do, My name isn't particularily
difficult and certainly is not unusual.
I tell folks that my name is Tom, and I cannot tell you how many
times they have come back and called me "Carl".  "Carl" ?
No wonder I prefer CW these days, obviously I don't speak very well !
TOM (not carl)

At 23:26 05/21/02 -0400, Bill Coleman wrote:
>On 5/18/02 9:58 PM, Tom Osborne at w7why@harborside.com wrote:
> >Another problem is my check of "54" in the fone SS.
>Yeah. About a dozen folks copied my "75" as "35" in Phone SS out of over
>600 Qs. And made sure I said "Sev-en-ty Five" or "Seven Five" How they
>get that confused is beyond me....
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>             -- Wilbur Wright, 1901
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