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[CQ-Contest] Headsets

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Headsets
From: widelitz@gte.net (Ken Widelitz)
Date: Wed May 22 17:44:01 2002
Earbuds are the MOST comfortable way to go. Yes, the frequency range is
large as they are sold for listening to music. However, they are inexpensive
($5 to $20,) weigh virtually nothing and only come into contact with the
inner ear. I am able to keep the AF very low. Radio Shack now has silicon
boots that make them even more comfortable. For phone contests, I hang my
mic from a gooseneck so no need for a Heil type headset. After a 48 hour
contest my inner ear is slightly tender, but nothing like what my ears have
endured with over the ear headsets. With a 20' extension cable I can move
around, jump up and down, get to the fridge and they don't fall out. I have
routed the extension cable so it comes out from under the operating table
and the slack hangs on a hook.

73, Ken, K6LA (leaving tonight for PJ2 for WPX) (two sets of earbuds are in
the bag!)

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