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[CQ-Contest] Re: Bose Headphones by Mrs DG

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: Bose Headphones by Mrs DG
From: n2nl@yahoo.com (David Mueller)
Date: Thu May 23 10:23:37 2002
Remember, it isn't the quality of the headphones, but
the quality of the grey matter that sits between them
that REALLY makes the difference...


73, Dave N2NL

--- Kele YT3T <yt3t@absolutok.net> wrote:
> WRTC committe should not permit use of so
> advantegous headphones. If it is a
> leveled field, than no headphones better than
> average should be seen on the
> ops heads. And if they have goldplated jacks, the
> gold should be scrubbed
> off...
> daah dit daah
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