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[CQ-Contest] The ULTIMATE operating position

Subject: [CQ-Contest] The ULTIMATE operating position
From: ve4xt@mb.sympatico.ca (Kelly Taylor)
Date: Thu May 23 21:26:13 2002
Oh, great, now on Sunday afternoons on 15 we'll have 250kHz of snoring...

Keep that VOX off, please.

On the bright side, I guess having the run station nod off mid-Q is a great
way to find a CQ frequency.

"Shhh, everyone. Another couple of seconds and the frequency is mine!"

And, of course, just wait until the SO2P argument springs forth. (That's
single operator, two pillows, for the uninitiated.)

Heaven help us if K1DG is using his Bose headphones, too.

K1DG: "CQ CQ CQ de K1DG K1DG test"
N4BP: "N4BP"
K1DG: " "
K1DG: "CQ CQ CQ de K1DG K1DG test"
K1AR: "Never mind him, he's just running in his sleep."

Can't wait to see their booth at Dayton!
73, kelly

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Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2002 2:52 PM
Subject: [CQ-Contest] The ULTIMATE operating position

> All,
> Getting overwhelmed by all the posts on Self-Spotting, Skeds, and Dits
> vs. Dots?
> How about this -
> http://www.ergoquest.com/pagethree.htm
> The ULTIMATE operating position.  I particularly like the photo at the
> bottom where the operator is laying down on the bed.  Now THAT's
> comfort!  No more fatigue during 48 hour contests!
> There's even a link to the "Zero Gravity" chair. that swivels back.
> The table comes with cable management, electric-adjustable legs, power
> strip, and will support up to a 21" monitor (or FT-1000MP + Alpha)
> The only drawback is the $4,000 pricetag for the top-of-the-line
> system.
> Just thought you might like to dream a little....
> 73!
> Scott - KI5DR
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