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[CQ-Contest] WPX M/S Shoot Out

Subject: [CQ-Contest] WPX M/S Shoot Out
From: w4an@CONTESTING.COM (Bill Fisher, W4AN)
Date: Thu May 23 23:01:29 2002
Looks to be quite the shoot out this weekend.  The following are suspect
to be QRV in this horse race...

K4JA  (By usual guys I think)
KQ2M  (W7WA + KQ2M + excuses)
KR1G  (NT1N + AG9A)
KM3T  (W1FV + KC1XX + KM3T + K1GQ) @ KC1XX
WW4T  (K4BAI + KU8E - myself) @ W4AN

Anyone else? 

For any of you M/S guys...  We will be conducting a round table via MSN IM
during the weekend.  Sort of a private chat room.  If you would like to
join in, MSN IM is free.  Drop me a message at w4an@hotmail.com in MSN
IM.  Once I have your address, I'll add you to the "conversation".  Please
be aware that I am known to actually operate the radio at times and may
not respond to you instantly.  Although I can maintain a higher rate than
K1AR while chatting via IM at the same time.   :)


Bill Fisher, W4AN  (internet nerd)

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