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[CQ-Contest] Dayton 2003 Hotels

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Dayton 2003 Hotels
From: n4zr@contesting.com (Pete Smith)
Date: Tue May 28 22:29:40 2002
I was reviewing the Crowne Plaza's form letter regarding next year's 
reservations, and noticed some significant changes.  The "pile-up" date is 
a week earlier (before Field Day), reservations may be made by calling 
either the hotel or the chain's 800 number, and the drop-dead date for 
cancelling your reservation without penalty is now May 14, just one day 
before the hamvention opens.  They are still requiring a one-day deposit 
(plus tax) at reservation time, and a 3-day minimum stay.  No information 
on what prices will be in effect -- my informal poll discovered room prices 
this year ranging from $99 to $169 a night.  The lowest was achieved by a 
local ham in September, while June pile-up prices seem to have been in the 
$125 range, and prices when they went to the wait list in May accounted for 
the higher-priced options.

I caught the Saturday night manager as we were checking out at 0500 on 
Sunday morning, and asked her what accounted for the reservation mess this 
year.  She said that the D-Day reunion was erroneously scheduled in the 
hotel before the Hamvention reconfirmed for 2002, and that its organizers 
had a block of rooms set aside that were not released until early May.

At least this sounds like a plausible explanation, and while she didn't say 
so in so many words, I had the impression they had caught enough flak for 
it that they are unlikely to book any other groups into the hotel on 
Hamvention weekend in the future.

73, Pete N4ZR

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