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[CQ-Contest] Help needed...Raw IARU contest logs to WRTC staff

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Help needed...Raw IARU contest logs to WRTC staff
From: km3t@contesting.com (Dave Pascoe KM3T)
Date: Thu May 30 11:32:10 2002

See the note below from OH3UU.  Please spread the word far and wide.

Tnx es 73,
Dave KM3T

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From: OH3UU <oh3uu@welho.com>
To: wrtc2002-comp@ne.nal.go.jp, wrtc2002-ref@ne.nal.go.jp
Subject: [wrtc2002-comp 0110] Help needed ... Raw IARU contest logs to us

Dear WRTC2002 participant,

I am Risto Lund, OH3UU and my sphere of responsibilities covers log
checking for the WRTC2002 contest.

It lies in everyone's interest that we should perform this job as well as
possible. To ensure the most truthful results, we need your help. Please
get in touch with as many stations as possible among your circle of
friends and ask them to send their raw IARU contest logs to us,
immediately after the contest - not just the next day but within hours
after the contest. Even partial logs during the contest would be

We are not interested in how they did in the contest - we need those logs
just to verify contacts with WRTC team stations and to see what kind of
stations were taking part in the contest. From the QSOs, we will only use
time, call, band and mode. We are not interested in multipliers, dupes or
points. Every Little Pistol is valuable, but in general we are looking for
logs with a high number of QSOs, such as multi-op logs. All logs received
will naturally take part in the raffle for special WRTC prizes.

Logs should be sent to:  logs@wrtc2002.org

Please rest assured that these logs are not going to be forwarded to
outsiders for any purpose; they will be used strictly as part of the
WRTC2002 team log checking procedures.

Risto Lund, OH3UU

email:  oh3uu@welho.com

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