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[CQ-Contest] Scandinavian Activity Contest 1998

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Scandinavian Activity Contest 1998
From: ei8ic@qsl.net (Tim Makins, EI8IC)
Date: Fri May 31 08:19:52 2002
What ever happened to the results for the 1998 Scandinavian Activity Contest
? It seems as if they have been lost in some big Black Hole on the Internet.
None of the usual sites have them. Emails to the usual guys produce no
answers. Were they ever published ? If so, can someone tell me where to find
them ?


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>From Timo" <timo.klimoff@kolumbus.fi  Fri May 31 14:22:42 2002
From: Timo" <timo.klimoff@kolumbus.fi (Timo)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Help needed...Raw IARU contest logs to WRTC staff
References: <>
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Lähettäjä: Ken Adams K5KA <k5ka@earthlink.net>
Vastaanottaja: <cq-contest@contesting.com>
Lähetetty: 31. toukokuuta 2002 6:01
Aihe: [CQ-Contest] Help needed...Raw IARU contest logs to WRTC staff

> For clarification, does the WRTC staff want a Cabrillo file?
> 73, Ken K5KA

We prefer Cabrillo, CT.ALL and TR.DAT .

Notice also Worked All WRTC2002 "Worked All New OJ prefixes" :

73, Timo OH1NOA
WRTC2002 Webmaster & Competitor Correspondence

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