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[CQ-Contest] THE 38th BALTIC CONTEST BC-2002

Subject: [CQ-Contest] THE 38th BALTIC CONTEST BC-2002
From: ly3it@centras.lt (Marius Adomkevicius)
Date: Sat May 11 20:43:02 2002
Hello CQ-Contest,

General rules of BC-2002

        The Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation has the honor to invite radio 
amateurs all over the world to enter Baltic Contest 2002.

1. Aim of the Contest:  To promote radio sport in the Baltic countries and to 
expand relations between  amateurs of the Baltic and the world. 
2. The object of the Contest:   To establish as many contacts as possible with 
amateur stations world wide. 
3. Period:      From 2100z May 18, 2002 till 0200z May 19, 2002.  
4. Section:     A - single operator, CW/SSB 
        B - single operator, CW 
        C - single operator, SSB 
        D - multi operator, single TX 
        E - SWL 
5. Frequencies: CW (3510-3600) kHz, SSB (3600-3650 and 3700-3750) kHz. 
6. Contest call:        CW - TEST BC, SSB - CQ Baltic Contest.
7. Exchange:    RS(T) and serial number starting from 001.Each station may be 
worked once in SSB and once in CW. 
8. Scoring:     For participants in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania each QSO (SWL 
rprt) with Europe counts one point and QSO (SWL rprt) with another continent 
counts two points. For participants in Europe each QSO (SWL rprt) with Estonia, 
Latvia, Lithuania counts ten points, each QSO (SWL rprt) with another 
participants counts one point. For participants outside Europe each QSO (SWL 
rprt) with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania counts twenty points, each QSO (SWL rprt) 
with another participants counts one point. SWL rprt must contain both call 
signs and at least one of the control numbers. 
9. Final Score: The sum of QSO (SWL rprt) points(no multiplier, no duplicate 
QSO (SWL rprt). When the number of points is equal,the criteria for priority 
are: for better percentage of QSO (SWL rprt) confirmation;  for more DX QSO 
(SWL rprt).  
10. Awards:     Certificates will be awarded to the leading stations of each 
section for every country (DXCC) in accordance with the number of participants. 
Winners in A, B, C, D, E sections in the Baltic countries (ES, LY, YL), in the 
Europe and outside Europe will receive trophies.   
        S p e c i a l   t r o p h i e s : 
        T R O P H Y     D O N O R
        Non Baltic countries    LATVIAN RADIO AMATEUR LEAGUE
        Europe  S.Franckevicius LY4AA  
        Europe CW       R.Saltauskas    LY2BG  
        Estonia R.Baltusis      LY2BM 
        Latvia  LY7A contest team
        YL      M.Stern 4Z4KX, LY2NL Memorial   Youth(until 16 years)   
J.Urbonas       LY3BU 
        Lithuania CW    G.Lucinskas     LY3BA
        SWL     V. Morkunas     LY3BY 
11. Logs:                       The IARU R1 standard format sheets recommended, 
or send by E-mail or in 3 1/2" 1,44 MB Microdisk in the ASCII form, suitable 
for computer analysis. 
        Deadline: July 1, 2002.
        A d d r e s s : 

        P.O.Box 210, LT-3000 Kaunas, LITHUANIA. 
        E-mail: lrsf@lrsf.lt 

We hope that the participants will enjoy the contest. Welcome to BC-2002. 73!   
                        L R S F

Best regards,
Marius Adomkevicius, LY3IT
Mobile: +370(83) 35666
E-Mail: ly3it@takas.lt

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