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[CQ-Contest] Re: [Towertalk] More on Lightning protection

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: [Towertalk] More on Lightning protection
From: cte98244@centurytel.net (Ward Silver)
Date: Wed May 15 16:48:49 2002
> I heard a story about some ops watching a thunderstorm approaching the old
> W7RM on the bluff.  I guess it was a really spectacular storm.  As it blew
> over W7RM, the storm quit kablamming, and after it passed W7RM the
> kablamming resumed.  The conclusion was that all the metal in the air at
> W7RM dissipated all the charge in the immediate vicinity.
> Someone stop me if this is nothing more than an urban legend.
> Mark, N5OT

Not a legend at all, but the wrong cause.  The Rushmeister just stood out
there, arms folded, glowering at the storm without saying a word.  It didn't
DARE strike his towers.

73, Ward N0AX
Rush Drake Orchestra, Operator 2nd Chair

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